Who We Are

Alycia Gaines

Hi, I am Alycia Gaines. I was born and raised in eastern NC. I moved to Western NC when I was 18 and loved it so much, I decided to stay. I have been married for eight years, and I have two amazing children, Ian (7) and Layla (5). I would not live in any other state because we have the most gorgeous mountains and only a few hours away from our beautiful ocean. I have spent the past 10 years working in various positions with the government helping people in our community. With this experience, I can really hear and understand my client’s needs. Helping people is my life calling, so transitioning to real estate allows me to continue to serve others. I like to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience while working with my clients to better serve their needs. I want to help my clients feel confident when they sit down at the closing table.