Property Management

Many people like the idea of making extra income, but few like the headaches that go along with becoming a Landlord. Being a landlord can be a difficult and unpleasant job. A property manager can eliminate the stress of being a landlord while allowing you to enjoy knowing you have a strong team supporting you.

Here is some of what we offer with our Property Management Division of Foley Realty Inc.

The rental property management team at Foley Realty will help ensure a higher quality tenant and that will add value to your investment. It is possible to remove a bad tenant from your home but it is better to avoid having to. A good screening process will increase the likelihood of reliable tenants who pay on time, rent for a longer period, maintain your property, and cause less problems.

With Foley Realty Inc. managing your property, your vacancy time will be shorter. You won’t have the stress of advertising, showing, or screening your potential tenants. We take care of everything so you don’t have to.

Our team, Rita Foley and Natalee Ray, have over forty years in real estate which gives us the marketing experience to rent your property quickly. Foley Realty’s knowledge of the local market will help determine the best rental rate for your property. We can also recommend improvements that will expedite gaining a tenant. Our firm rent collecting procedures will ensure your success at being a landlord. Let us be the cushion between you and your renter. We will communicate with the tenants, monitor timely payments, and if needed handle the eviction process. A property manager has the advantage because tenants know that the property manager is doing a job and is obligated to enforce the lease.

With Foley Realty handling your property management needs you are free to enjoy your investments without the day to day stress involved. Travel, or even live wherever you want without having to worry about your property. No late emergency calls, no chasing down rent, no lining up handymen to take care of all the incidentals. You can spend your time how and where you want and leave the work to us.

What our clients say…

“Dennis/Foley Realty is a top-notch professional property management company.  They were able to find a tenant for me within days, execute a flawless lease agreement, and now we’re in the fourth year of receiving rent on-time and in-full, with no worries or problems.  What little maintenance that has been needed has been taken care of quickly and inexpensively.  I highly recommend Dennis/Foley Realty.”  ~ Michael F. Wiercinski